Online Shop new position

To make it easier to purchase patterns, I've moved the online shop to the spot just beneath 'My Blog' near the top of the menu list, instead of it being tucked away at the bottom.  PP


Now the holiday season is over and Christmas seems ages ago, I'm sure you're itching for a new parching challenge. 

To start the New Year I have just added a new FREE downloadable to pattern to the website. RAINDROPS. Something we are definitely not short of at the moment, here in the UK!!  The instructions are quite simple and easy to follow.  As this is my first Blog entry, I haven't worked out how to insert patterns (or even if it's possible) on to this page.  To access the free pattern, just go to the main page and scroll down to  'Free Patterns' and then scroll again until you find 'Raindrops' at the bottom.  Of course, you could just stop at every free pattern and download that too.  

Happy Parching  

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